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A potentially humdrum gangster saga is here elevated to must-see status by Miike’s love of spectacular gore, offbeat characters and wild black humour. Friday the 13th Part 2 20th May 13 With Jason's mum dead, who could possibly be the killer in the sequel if Jason drowned all those years ago? Ichi is assigned the task of tracking down a terrifyingly sadistic blonde Yakuza killer named Kakihara, the kind of guy who slices his tongue in half just to prove a point. Miike is best known for extreme violence, warped sexuality and to his critics rampant misogyny, but many of his movies – including the languid, underrated Agitator - are more interested in character study and underworld vignettes than outrageous images and ultra-violence. Miike’s distinctive touch helps overcome the obvious plagiarism of the Paul Verhoeven movie. Typical of the movie’s overall approach, one masochistic woman expresses her yearning to be raped by Ichi, who doesn’t oblige but does slice her lower leg off and slash her throat; in one of the nastiest moments, a tortured girl’s nipples are sliced off in grim close-up. The inn sequences, with an unforgettable Keiko Tomita as the melancholic, horny proprietor, are among Miike’s most quietly harrowing moments and play like sketches from a never-seen Japanese remake of The League Of Gentlemen.

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Skyline 22nd Nov 10 Don't Look Up.

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All written material © Copyright EMB Skyline 22nd Nov 10 Don't Look Up. It revolves around the deeply dysfunctional Yamazaki family, Dad’s embarrassing premature ejaculation during sex with his child is just one of their debauched “issues”. Amidst all the exaggerated bloodshed and visual gags with vibrators, one sequence crosses the line to disturbing effect: It’s also among Miike’s most visually stunning works:

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